O Beautiful Dust

By R.W. Walker
Can we pray together anymore? In this collection of prayers for Lent, RW Walker explores what difference traditional, queer, and Christ-centred common prayer might make in a chaotic and divided world, a wilderness that seems so filled with death and despair. May these prayers fan a flame of hope in our hearts as we walk the wilderness journey of Jesus—together.

The Best Cat in Show

By Sage Evergreen


sage evergreen's debut collection follows a cream colored birman through the hoops and jumps of competition, exploring trauma, how the body holds it, and escaping toxic upbringings along the way.

Love & Bees

By S.J. Blasko

My Instagram is full of things that scare me
love & bees
bees & love
All I know is that they’re be(e & you)tiful
even if they both can sting.

In Love & Bees, SJ Blasko's fifth collection of poetry, the poet guides us on an exploration of toxic theology, chronic pain and illness, and the toll both take on the body, all the while skillfully juxtaposing those themes with the joy of knowing who you are.

Embracing the Tempest

By D.A. Andrews

In this second collection from D.A. Andrews, author of To Fight Fire With Sun, the poet shares the lessons life has taught her with an audience sure to be spellbound by the strength of her poetry. Touching on themes of familial grief, the heavy weight of expectations, and what it means to come into oneself, Andrews weathers the storms of life with grace and strength, inviting readers to explore what Embracing the Tempest might look like in their own lives.


The Dry Depths of My Soul

By Allison K. Garcia

How do you hold your world together when your whole life has been a lie?

Emma Leirion is about to turn 40 and has finally realized she might be gay. As a lifelong Christian with a conservative upbringing, this possibility has thrown her into a panic. While Emma struggles with how this could impact her comfortable life, the giant crush she has on her new friend, Sandra, sends her into a tailspin, feeling things she’s never felt before.

Sandra Martinez recently reconciled with her daughter, Ana, and grandson, Emanuel, after Sandra abandoned Ana decades ago and fell into a life of addiction. Now two years clean and better at managing her PTSD, Sandra has her family back. But will secrets from her past fracture their new bond?


An Ocean of Wine

By Tarryn Lea

Written over a period of six years branched between adolescence and adulthood, An Ocean of Wine is a collection of modern young adult poetry with over 200 poems split into four chapters covering contemporary sentiments on relationships, grief, loss, sex, love, body image, relationships and self-healing. It is everything individuals of the new generation wanted to say but didn't; everything we want to feel and everything we wish we didn't have to feel.


By Ben Ditmars

Conversations is a book of ideas shared between others and sometimes thoughts inside the author’s mind. Its poetry covers a wide range of social issues from gun violence to the right to choose.

Twining Vines

By Remy Cuadra George

When Melody tells her husband their unborn daughter has Down syndrome, his reaction forces her to choose between her child and her marriage. After years of struggling to heal from divorce, Melody moves with her daughter, Hannah, to Twining Vines for a fresh start. But at age nine, Hannah resolves to track down the man who deserted them both, equipped with a magnifying glass, an inspector doll, and an extra chromosome.


There is Us: Flowers for Ukraine

The first There is Us anthology was born from a desire to find a tangible way for small creators to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. Now, in its third installment, it aims to support relief efforts for Ukraine in the wake of Russia's attacks.


The hope is that even while sales from this collection are going to organizations providing much-needed aid (organizations like World Central Kitchen, Spare a Rose, and Airbnb's hosting initiative), the stories and poetry inside might uplift and encourage those who might need some light right now.